Charlotte NC Chiropractor For Infants & Families

Family Chiropractor Charlotte NC - Queen City Health Center Charlotte Chiropractor, Dr. Holly Clemens explains the benefits of chiropractic care for infants, babies, and children, including supportive evidence of its effectiveness. Birth is a traumatic event for babies. When a baby is born, 80-100 pounds of pressure get put on its spine and when a baby comes out, it doesn't have any muscle tone. Any parts of the spine can easily shift and move and put pressure on the spinal nerves, wreaking havoc on their development later in life. As a baby starts to learn to crawl and walk, they fall frequently (almost 1300 times within one month!) So it's important to make sure the spine remains in alignment and doesn't put pressure on the nerves or the spinal cord for optimal neurological development. Baby Athens was checked as soon as he was born. After 6 weeks, he developed an upper respiratory infection. After restoring his nervous system, he was able to heal and has not been sick since! Dr. Holly performs an adjustment on Athens in this video, demonstrating that chiropractic care for babies is easy and painless! She also shows a quick adjustment procedure that parents can perform on their babies anytime while at home. Dr. Holly Clemens is a chiropractor and the founder of Queen City Health Center, a family-centered wellness clinic serving patients in Charlotte, NC. Queen City Health Center embraces the Maximized Living tenets of wellness and encourages its patients to adopt the 5 Essentials in order to maximize health!