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Shoulder, Neck, and Arm Pain

Often, these pains are being misdiagnosed by either a torn rotator cuff or bursitis. Most of the time, this is not the case. The medical answer is to use a medicine, such as steroids, to reduce inflammation to these issues. On the contrary, steroids end up hurting the body negatively as opposed to eliminating the main cause. Some long term effects of steroid use can lead to weakening ligaments and tendons within the body. Once steroids are in use, many times there is a push to depend on this type of treatment to eliminate the issue. A true health solution will not give a manmade substance as a dependency, but rather tools to eliminate interference for the body to heal itself.

A Different Solution

Although pain may be felt throughout the arm or shoulder, the root is found in the nerves connecting to your spine toward your neck. Rather than breaking up the tissue within the shoulder, the answer can be found in relieving tension in the nerves. Following these steps will bring you closer to healing and avoid suggested treatments that only harm your health.

Three Ways to Eliminate Shoulder, Neck, and Arm Pain

1. Evaluation

This process involves feeling around the area that is causing pain. Doing a range of motion test will show which area is being affected and where interference needs to be eliminated. After this process, x-rays will be taken to see if there are any disks issues, poor posture, or degeneration within the neck. Any of these issues can cause numbness, tingling, or pain. Simple signs of poor posture will show loss of curvature in the neck which contributes to an uneven distribution of weight to your spine. Stress is added to nerves toward the neck due to car accidents, working on a computer, and prolonged sitting. This stress creates irritation, pain, and inflammation to the nerves and disks.

2. Adjustments

These will be crucial in the lower neck with these specific areas of pain. Using traction or decompression machines also alleviate pressure on the spine. Misaligned areas in the neck will be adjusted. Scar tissue will be broken up to increase range of motion. And a specific adjustment to the shoulder will push the shoulder back into alignment. You can feel relief as soon as one adjustment.

3. Retrain the Body

It is vital to retrain your body due to its tendency to follow muscle memory. After being aligned, it is important to focus on your posture. This includes forward head posture, inward shoulders, overly curved back, and text neck. Your posture matters whether you are driving, sleeping, or sitting.

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The Root Cause

Many doctors are quick to prescribe medication to mask the pain in our body. The feeling is an indication for a deeper issue or misalignment.  The FDA released in 2018 that your risk for a heart attack increases 20% within the month you take over the counter medication like ibuprofen, advil, and aspirin.  When you mask the issues in your body, medications can prolong the original issue as well as creating more long term health effects.

The Importance of Chiropractic Care

A National Institute of Health study found that 57% of patients receiving chiropractic care were able to reduce their neck pain by 75% in only 12 weeks. Your spine protects the nervous system which is the control system to the movement in your body and the health of your organs. Chiropractic care removes interference in your body to heal itself.

3 Common Issues Involving the Spine

  1. Headaches/Migraines

    Cause: 90% of migraines are related to the upper part of your neck. There is an artery in your neck that feeds the blood supply to your brain. When this is misaligned, it causes spasms and creates headaches/migraines. Uneven weight also adds pressure to the disks in your neck.

    Solution: Getting adjustments to the neck relieves stress on the nervous system. When the neck is properly aligned, it relieves pressure on the nervous system. This will decrease the amount of headaches you encounter over time and allow you to eliminate medications.

  2. Neck Pain 

    Cause: The main causes are car accidents, sports injuries, and sitting at a desk. Not having proper posture throughout the day and night will also effect the spine, causing neck pain.

    Solution: If you’re encountering neck pain, our care takes you through a 5 step process. You will first answer questions to find the cause of the issue. We will check the current posture of your spine. We will also want to evaluate the range of motion in your neck. Then, we will feel your spine to see if there is tenderness, tension, or response. Finally, we will take x-rays to identify the issue and see specifically where it needs to be realigned.

  3. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

    Cause: Carpal Tunnel causes numbness in the wrist and fingers. Typical symptoms start with irritation in your shoulders which spread down to your hand over time. When we sit at a desk or work on a computer all day long, the neck posture compromises the nervous system. The nerves in your neck connect to the nerves in your hands.

    Solution: Chiropractic adjustments help you avoid surgery and harmful medications. Not only do neck adjustments help the nerve blockage to your hand, but also improves the function of your body to

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