Shift Your Thinking, Shift Your Health: Inflammation

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Number One Cause

The World Health Organization has stated stress is the main cause of all disease. Stress leads to inflammation and inflammation leads to more stress. Inflammation and stress are closely related when it comes to health. Unfortunately, most people only think of these two things as a negative. In reality, we need both of these things to thrive in life. Inflammation is a natural healthy response to an issue within the body. Stress is also necessary to be healthy. For example, gravity is a stressor and it is vital for our daily lives. It adds a certain amount of stress to our body that activates our muscles and bones to respond and strengthen. When we have inflammation and stress, our body adapts because of how brilliant we were created. However, there is a tipping point to these factors where it can become unhealthy.

On The Positive Side

Inflammation naturally occurs when you hurt yourself, whether you cut yourself or break a bone, to heal and protect itself. When you become inflamed due to overexposure of stressors, it can cause health issues. Many stressors cause your body to go into stress mode, or fight or flight mode. This is when your heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, and the digestive system slows down. An overload of inflammation can occur due to foods, chemicals, lack of sleep, and subluxation. When you reduce the stressors in your environment, your body is no longer chronically inflamed. Remove toxic stressors within your environment. This can be physically, chemically, and emotionally. Thankfully, there are simple, yet drastic, ways to reduce inflammation within your body.

Top Five Ways to Reduce Inflammation

1. Environment

Evaluate the people you surround yourself with. Are the people you surround yourself with positive or negative? Evaluate what you listen to, including on social media, and even who you follow. This is an amazing way to improve the stress levels you experience emotionally.

2. Chemical

Start by looking at the products within your home. Look at the chemicals in your household cleaners, makeup, shampoo, soap, and more. Also, evaluate the foods and medications you put in your body. The more chemical-based products you are around the more inflamed your body will become.

3. Movement

The number one cause of stress is sitting; it’s the physical stress on your body. If you work from a computer all day you need to make it a priority to get up and move. The nervous system controls 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to your brain. If you do not get up and move throughout your day you are causing excess stress within your entire body. This doesn’t mean to exercise all day. It just means to have a full range of motion throughout the day to pump fluids within your disks to have positive spinal health.

4. Oxygen

EMFs from 5G towers affect our body’s ability to obtain oxygen. There are many ways to block EMFs within your home and on you. Masks are also a limitation to the amount of oxygen your body circulates. A good breathing technique is called the 4-7-8 method. Throughout the day breathe deeply for four seconds, hold it for seven seconds, and then release for eight seconds. This allows your body to go back to homeostasis, or a balanced state.

5. Sleep

If you do not get proper sleep, your heart will be overworked and begin to shut down. Women need more sleep than men averaging around 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Men can receive 7-8 hours of sleep and be healthy. Going to sleep before 10 pm is vital for a healthy sleep cycle. Taking natural sleep aids are alright for a short-term solution, but cannot be a long-term dependency. Hormones will be imbalanced when sleep is not prioritized. The body needs sleep to regenerate from stress.

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