Pain Clinic Charlotte NC

If you have heard recent ads for pain clinic Charlotte NC, you may be wondering what exactly a pain clinic is. Pain clinics are often sought out by those who are living with chronic pain and are looking for the best non-invasive, non-medicated options available to them. Pain clinics are simply health care facilities that primarily focus on treating and diagnosing the underlying cause of chronic pain.

Many people use a pain clinic when their chronic pain is impacting the quality of their daily life. Charlotte NC Pain clinics are known for using a multidisciplinary approach to aiding people in taking control of their life and pain management. The goal is to focus on the individual as a whole, rather than just on the source of the pain.

Pain clinics often consist of health care providers, each with different specialties and other non-physician providers who specialize in the reduction of pain. The providers may consist of physical therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, and other alternative therapy options. The goal is for all of the needed providers to work to put together the best health care plan for you. Some of the treatment options may include:

  • Injections such as local anesthetics that are combined with corticosteroids that are injected into the nerve roots or into muscles and joints to alleviate irritation, muscle spasms, and swelling.
  • In cases where a group of nerves are the source of pain, a nerve block injection and local anesthetic may be used to block the affected area.
  • Many physical therapy Idaho Falls options may also be used for rehabilitation, strengthening, and pain management. Some of these may include physical therapy, aquatic therapy, whirlpool therapy, ultrasound, and deep-muscle massage. Visit for more information.
  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or other electrical stimulation therapies may also be used to treat chronic pain. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation uses a small battery-operated device that uses electrodes to stimulate nerve fibers through the skin.
  • Acupuncture is also a popular choice for pain management. It involves very thin needles that are inserted into specific pressure points in the skin to relieve pain.
  • Medication is also used by pain clinics when other options are failing to work properly and further care is needed, such as surgery.

If you feel that a local pain clinic may help you, you should start by speaking with your healthcare provider and scheduling a consultation. All pain clinics in Charlotte NC vary and many offer different services from the next. Be sure to schedule an appointment to meet with the team and discuss your options before making a full commitment to a pain clinic.