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Improve Concentration With Chiropractic Care

As human beings, we are usually not comfortable when we are hindered in our daily tasks. Any problems with the brain that cause us to not think clearly or concentrate must be taken seriously. People with this condition are not able to pay attention and might also be forgetful or act hazy. Sometimes this might be derived from rapid thoughts and the person is unable to organize these thoughts and interact with someone at the same time. This is often misdiagnosed as ADHD.

What classifies an inability to concentrate and what are its symptoms?

The inability to concentrate is understood to be a lack of ability to focus or concentrate on doing a task or remembering information that is common to us. It is a symptom shared among a range of diseases and illnesses. It can also be accompanied by nerve symptoms, heart symptoms, fatigue, behavioral symptoms, cognitive impairment, sleeplessness, anxiety, sensory issues, and any number of other related issues.

What causes the inability to concentrate?

An inability to concentrate affects the brain’s ability to function. General causes include smoking cannabis, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome and hypopnea syndrome. This condition is related to many health conditions including anxiety, ADHD, concussions, emotional and psychological problems, adjustment disorders, dysthymia, chronic fatigue syndrome, PMS, sleeplessness, PTSD, dementia, acute stress disorder and lead poisoning.

How is the inability to concentrate usually diagnosed and treated?

Depending on the underlying issue, various diagnostic processes and treatments will have to be used. Doctors will conduct their evaluation to ascertain whether the issue is physical, psychological or otherwise. Some persons respond to sensory exercises or simulations. It helps them to drown out or disregard certain distractions. Another way to handle this problem is to have the person write down their thoughts, especially the recurring ones. Breathing exercises are also helpful and help people with anxiety issues.

How can chiropractic care help alleviate or treat an inability to concentrate?

Mental energy is important to us all and we often have trouble when we suffer from an inability to concentrate. If this is a major problem for you and you would like help, make an appointment at Queen City Health Center Dr. Holly for a full analysis and treatment plan that includes chiropractic care!

Your initial consultation includes a physical evaluation and X-rays, which can help Dr. Holly determine what spinal abnormalities may be contributing to an inability to concentrate. If you’re not quite sure whether you’re ready to commit to this, you can request a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with the doc, instead. Simply fill out the form on this page, and one of our team members will call you as soon as possible to confirm.

Dr. Holly sees patients every day who suffer from an inability to concentrate. A few spinal adjustments, coupled with a host of holistic lifestyle changes, have helped them overcome brain fog and focus again. She would love to play a part in helping you develop a testimonial like all of the satisfied patients featured on this page.