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How to Find a Charlotte Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Neck pain is common and over 85% of Americans will endure this ailment at one point or another. It is the third most common reason for chronic pain. Neck pain is sometimes linked to shoulder pain and is prevalent in as many as 45% of workers in the United States. It is noted that 12% of adult females and 9% of adult males have this condition. Much of this is due to poor working conditions and not following the rule of ergonomics, especially when sitting at computer stations.

What is neck pain and what are its symptoms?

Neck pain is caused by strained neck muscles or osteoarthritis. It is common for neck pain to be a symptom of something else more serious. Patients can experience loss or strength, shooting pain or numbness in the limbs. Some patients will have accompanying headaches or migraines when they have neck pain. Others might see a decreased range of motion of the head. There are those who also experience muscle spasms. If the symptoms persist for several days, the pain worsens or spreads, one should see a doctor immediately.

What causes neck pain?

Largely, neck pain can be due to poor posture positions while sitting or standing. People are sitting for upwards of 12 or more hours a day and leading sedentary lifestyles. Dr. Holly says that neck pain can also be caused by spine degeneration, repetitive movement, osteoarthritis, mis-aligned spine, lack of exercise, and muscle imbalance. Carrying heavy things like purses and briefcases are also contributors to neck pain. Schoolchildren are especially at risk, because they often carry extremely heavy backpacks.

How neck pain is usually diagnosed and treated

A chiropractor like Dr. Holly Clemens of Queen City Health Center is the best professional to help patients diagnose and treat neck pain. She will conduct an evaluation of the spine and other regions of the neck, mid back (thoracic) and low back (lumbar). She will also do a full body exam to see if there is restricted movement in any other part of the body and will examine how you walk. Where the symptoms are severe and warrant X-rays, MRIs and other imaging tests, these may also be conducted. Patients will receive various treatments that include flexion-distraction technique, instrument-assisted manipulation and specific spinal manipulation.

How can chiropractic care help alleviate or treat neck pain?

Dr. Holly has treated dozens of patients with neck pain issues. It is one of the more common ailments among her patients. Her non-surgical treatments are used to deal with any number of neck (cervical) conditions including cervical intervertebral disc injuries, cervical sprain injuries, degenerative joint syndrome of the neck, facet joint sprain or whiplash.

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