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Can a Charlotte Chiropractor Help With Infertility?

According to the CDC, infertility is a problem for more than 6 million women in America. 1.5 million married women who have unprotected sex discover this issue after a year. Still 7.4 million women have used fertility treatment services to help them get pregnant. It is important to note that men have infertility issues as well. However, 44% of women will seek medical intervention to correct any problems. Eventually 65% of those who do, end up becoming pregnant.

What is infertility and what are its symptoms?

People who are not able to get pregnant are said to be troubled with infertility. More than 15% of women between the ages of 15 and 40 have this issue. A third of the time, it is a problem with the male and another third is attributed to other problems outside of both sex partners. In the man, it can be because of varicocele, which is low or absent sperm count, sperm damage or certain diseases.

What causes infertility?

Infertility in women can be attributed to poor diet, ovulation problems, age, blocked fallopian tubes, stress, uterine fibroids, athletic training and uterine problems. For men, the causes are different; they can be related to smoking and alcohol abuse, medication, radiation, drug use, chemotherapy, age or other health problems.

How infertility is usually diagnosed and treated

In recent times there has been a prevalence of infertility problems. Men and women now have many options of bypassing this problem to have children. Sperm banks and fertility clinics can be found all across the United States. Both women and men can opt to freeze their eggs. Couples can also opt to have in vitro injections, to impregnate the woman. Before doing this, a doctor will conduct blood tests on both the male and female. They will also conduct an interview about medical and sex history. Medications prescribed may include Clomiphene citrate (Clomid), Human menopausal gonadotropin or hMG (Repronex, Pergonal), Follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH (Gonal-F, Follistim), Gonadotropin-releasing hormone (Gn-RH) analog, Metformin (Glucophage) or Bromocriptine (Parlodel).

How can chiropractic care help alleviate or treat Infertility?

Infertility can be ascribed to the improper function of the nervous system. In these cases, Dr. Holly has made great strides in helping her patients with techniques and a change in lifestyle habits, without the use of medications, which often carry with them a host of horrible side effects.

If you suffer from infertility, you are not alone. Many women deal with this condition and are silent about it, but by speaking up and seeking help, you can make a profound difference in the lives of others! Call us at Queen City Health Center to make an appointment with Charlotte chiropractor, Dr. Holly Clemens, and learn more about how chiropractic care has helped many women in the queen city overcome infertility issues and conceive!

Not sure if chiropractic care is the right solution to your infertility problems? No pressure… you can schedule a private 15-minute phone consultation with the doc, absolutely free, and get your questions answered before committing to an examination in person.

Fertility treatments can get really expensive, especially if they don’t work… There is a natural solution to this increasingly prevalent condition. Dr. Holly assists her patients, not just with spinal adjustments, but also by prescribing a holistic care regimen that is sure to get you back on track to better health and fertility. Let us show you what we can do at Queen City Health Center, and why Dr. Holly is hailed by many of her patients as one of the best chiropractors in Charlotte NC.