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Allergies and Chiropractic Care

Allergy pills are some of the most overused medications in our society, along with antibiotics. People turn to over-the-counter allergy medications to combat spring allergies, and they may see their doctor to get a prescription for more severe conditions like food allergies or skin conditions caused by various types of allergies.

Like most drugs, these medications merely mask the symptoms and don’t address the problem of allergies at its root. In order to get to the root of the problem, we must first identify what causes allergies and how they can be prevented so that medications do not become necessary.

What are allergies?

We can begin to understand allergies by imagining what our response would be if a thief were to enter our home in the middle of the night. We might respond by either calling the police and hiding until they arrived or by trying to fight off the thief ourselves. Whatever the case, we’ll do whatever it takes to rid our home of the thief’s presence and ensure our safety once again.

Your body reacts in a similar manner when it detects a foreign invader. Your immune system sees allergens as foreign substances and will do whatever it takes to get them out of your body. Often, this immune system response results in symptoms such as cough, runny nose or fever, and it’s those symptoms that we call “allergies.”

In short, allergies are simply a sign that your immune system is working properly, and that it’s doing what it was designed to do—heal itself. The ability to heal is a sign of a healthy body. In order to keep your body functioning a optimal levels, and in order to keep it strong and able to heal itself, you must take care of it. At Queen City Health Center, we recommend that all of our patients incorporate the 5 DREAM principles of healthy living into their lifestyle on a daily basis to ensure maximum health. These include:

D = Diet
R = Rest
E = Exercise
A = Adjustments
M = Metal Attitude

Yes, chiropractic care can help you rid your life of allergies, so that you never need to take allergy medications again. It may sound hard to believe, but once you learn how your nerve supply affects your immune system and the rest of your body, it makes complete sense.

What causes allergies?

Now that we understand what allergies are, it’s easy to understand what causes them. As mentioned earlier, allergies are symptoms of your immune system’s response to foreign invaders. So how can you minimize your exposure to those foreign invaders and, in turn, minimize your immune system’s response?

We are exposed to toxins every day. While we can’t completely eliminate foreign substances from our environment, we can work to drastically reduce our exposure to them. Our first step is to eliminate toxic chemicals from our lives. These are found in our household cleaning products, personal care products and even in our food supply. When shopping for these items, it’s important to read ingredient labels and know what to look for.

Dr. Holly puts together a lifestyle regimen for all of her patients that includes much more than chiropractic care. When you visit Queen City Health Center, we will do a comprehensive health assessment and put together a treatment plan to help you restore your health through quality nutrition, exercise, detoxification and ongoing education with regular events at our clinic. (You’ll even get a chance to shop with the doc! She’ll take you on a grocery store tour and help you purchase ingredients for approved recipes that will get you on track to better health.)

So how are allergies and chiropractic care related?

It may seem like allergies and chiropractic care don’t belong in the same sentence, but regular spinal adjustments can actually help you beat allergies without medications!

Once you’ve reduced your exposure to allergens, you’ll sense a drastic improvement in your overall well-being. Still, we can’t completely eliminate our exposure to foreign substances, so how can we ensure that our immune system is functioning at optimal levels in order to minimize the symptoms (a.k.a. allergies) we feel from its response?

The 5 DREAM principles play a vital part in strengthening your immune system. When your immune system is strong, it will fight off foreign substances quickly and efficiently, minimizing their long-term effects on your body and keeping you free from disease.

Chiropractic adjustments help strengthen your immune system by keeping your spine properly aligned. Your spinal cord sends signals, via nerves, to the rest of your body’s organs and systems that tell them how to function. It is protected by your vertebrae, which, when misaligned can put pressure on those nerves and weaken those signals. Over time this weakens the response and causes it to happen slower and less effectively, and its effects are manifested as allergies.

Think of your spine as the lint filter in your dryer. If you don’t regularly clean out the filter, your dryer’s ability to dry your clothes weakens. If you never clean it out, the dryer will eventually break. In the same way, if you don’t take care of your body’s core system (the nervous system) by keeping your spine in proper alignment, the signals it sends to the rest of your organs will weaken, and eventually the whole thing breaks down.

Why can’t I just take an antihistamine?

Like most prescription drugs, antihistamines work by blocking your immune system’s response to foreign invaders. In other words, it does not allow your immune system to do what it was designed to do by fighting them off. That may seem ideal, because you don’t feel any symptoms (a.k.a. allergies), but what you’re actually doing is weakening your immune system over time. If you think of your immune system like a muscle, it needs to be exercised on a regular basis in order to maintain its strength. How do you exercise it? By allowing it to fight off foreign invaders naturally and by not suppressing its function with antihistamines and medications.

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