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ADD/ADHD & Chiropractic Care

We are living in a generation where more and more children are being diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. Most doctors will prescribe medications like Adderall, Concerta or Ritalin to counteract the symptoms, but, medications rarely—if ever—get to the root of the problem. They merely mask the effects of the condition by providing a temporary band-aid solution. By covering up the symptoms with toxic prescription pills, you weaken the immune system and damage your body’s ability to heal itself, long-term.

Our bodies were designed to heal themselves, and when we give them what they need in order to do so, they are highly capable of overcoming illness and disease. In order to give our bodies what they need, we must understand what causes the particular illnesses we are trying to treat. We can then turn to natural remedies, including diet, exercise, detoxification and regular spinal adjustments to solve the problem at its root, so that it does not reoccur and medication becomes unnecessary.

In an effort to help you better understand ADD and ADHD, we’ve included the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about these conditions below. If you have additional questions or have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and would like help, click here to request a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Holly Clemens at Queen City Health Center.

What is ADD/ADHD?

ADD and ADHD stand for Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Symptoms of both conditions may begin in childhood and continue into adulthood and include: hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, inattentiveness and impulsive action. These symptoms typically cause problems for children at school and for adults at work, since most of our activities in these scenarios require calmness, attentiveness and concentration.

How is ADD/ADHD Typically Diagnosed?

According to the CDC, there is no single test to diagnose ADD or ADHD. There are many other conditions that may cause similar symptoms, such as anxiety, depression and other types of learning disabilities. ADD and ADHD are typically diagnosed by mental health professionals through observation and symptom assessment. If a child or adult is determined to have certain symptoms characteristic of ADD/ADHD, and those symptoms are persistently present in a specific pattern over time, they may be diagnosed with either condition or a combination of both. See this page for a specific list of criteria that must be met before an accurate diagnosis can be made.

How is ADD/ADHD Typically Treated?

ADD and ADHD are typically treated with prescription medications, though other forms of treatment can also be used. These include: behavior interventions, school/work accommodations and parent training.

However, there are natural remedies, such as diet and lifestyle changes, that can address the problem at its root so that it does not reoccur and medications are not needed to cover up the symptoms.

That’s where Queen City Health Center and Dr. Holly Clemens come in.

How can Chiropractic Care at Queen City Health Center help with ADD/ADHD?

Our care starts with an overall health assessment that looks at your current lifestyle to assess what changes may need to be made in order to get you on the path to better health. During your initial in-person consultation with Dr. Holly Clemens, she will use X-rays to examine your spine. She will also ask you to complete a questionnaire so she can see what symptoms you’re currently experiencing and how your diet and lifestyle may be affecting your health overall.

Dr. Holly uses a combination of factors to determine whether you have ADD/ADHD and will put together a comprehensive long-term plan to reverse the problem through natural means, without the use of toxic, prescription medications.

Chiropractic care is a large part of what we do to treat patients who may be suffering with ADD/ADHD. Because your nervous system is at the center of your entire body’s ability to function, proper spinal alignment is necessary to ensure that the signals sent from your spinal cord to your organs are as strong as possible. Any impairment of the bone structure surrounding your spinal cord can put added pressure on the nerves that create and send those signals, impairing your body’s ability to function and heal at max capacity.

Through diet, exercise, detoxification, meditation and proper spinal care, we truly believe that over time, you can beat ADD and ADHD, and live a normal, healthy life!

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