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We treat patients with a variety of conditions that manifest as a host of various symptoms. Our comprehensive treatment program incorporates a unique holistic regimen called DREAM that provides lasting results even beyond the basic pain management Charlotte NC chiropractors usually offer.

Other doctors may simply crack a few bones and send you on your way. While that might work to minimize pain or mask symptoms, it often does not get to the root of your problem. As a result, you may find yourself returning for additional treatments only weeks or months after your condition was supposedly cured.

At Queen City Health Center, we believe that maximizing your health means uncovering problems at their root so your body can fully heal. Doing so often requires changes to your diet and exercise routine, in addition to detoxification and regular chiropractic adjustments.

Your body was designed to heal itself. In order for healing to occur naturally, all of your organs and systems must be functioning at optimal levels. The only way to ensure this is to incorporate each of the 5 DREAM principles into your lifestyle on a daily basis.

In many cases, prescription medications and surgeries can do more harm than good. If you’ve been searching the web for “pain management Charlotte NC” and are looking for natural or alternative treatments for any of the following conditions, you’ve come to the right place.

Conditions we treat include:

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