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Pregnancy does some crazy things to a woman’s body! As a Charlotte NC chiropractor, I’ve witnessed it through the patients I’ve served over the years and am starting to experience it myself during my own pregnancy.

Receiving care during your pregnancy from a Charlotte chiropractor has been known to aid in reducing or eliminating symptoms like:

Pregnant women experience weaker immune systems as their body focuses most of its energy toward growing that baby and gears up for the labor and birth experience. For this reason, Charlotte chiropractic care is crucial to maintaining your health and well-being.

How does chiropractic care help to relieve pregnancy symptoms?

As the baby grows inside your uterus, your pelvic joints and muscles start to expand and move, which often puts pressure on your nerves leading to inflammation and discomfort, among a host of other symptoms (listed above). Charlotte chiropractic care helps in a number of ways.

First, it relieves stress, which can often be the cause of pain and insomnia. My patients have reported much better sleep after being adjusted, and I recommend scheduling adjustments at least twice a month, if not once a week, during your pregnancy. It can be especially helpful during your last trimester as the baby begins to put more pressure on your internal organs!

Second, moving your vertebrae helps by relieving pressure on the nerves that send impulse signals to the rest of your body’s organs. Pressure causes those signals to be weakened, thereby weakening the overall function of your body’s other systems. That’s why chiropractic adjustments are important to keep those signals strong and reduce or eliminate inflammation altogether. (Inflammation happens to be the root cause of most major immune system dysfunctions.)

Not only does Charlotte chiropractic care help to relieve pregnancy symptoms. It has also been shown to positively impact the labor and birth experience! Many of my pregnant patients have gone into labor a few days before or after their due date, reducing the chance for unnecessary medical interventions. They have also reported smoother delivery experiences, at home or at the hospital. I have had the pleasure of using special chiropractic techniques to turn breech and transverse babies into optimal positions for birth as well.

There are many benefits to receiving Charlotte chiropractic care during pregnancy! If you’re pregnant and living in the area, call Queen City Health Center at (980) 422-2000 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Holly. We would love to help you have the best pregnancy and birth experience possible.

Before you read this, bear in mind that overcoming illness is often a mindset issue. So tell yourself that you WILL succeed. You will beat morning sickness!

The cause and treatment for morning sickness during early pregnancy has been an enigma for quite a while. The common answer of consuming several small meals each day or coating the gastrointestinal system with crackers or fruit is typically not reliable. In addition, you do not have to really feel nauseous just in the early morning to have issues with morning sickness.

An Effective Ally

When a female becomes pregnant, particular hormonal agents are produced in big quantities. Among these hormones is the hCG hormonal agent (Human chorionic gonadotropin). This hormone is mainly responsible for maintaining a pregnancy. The measurement of this hormonal agent is one of the most typical analysis devices to confirm fertilization. Non-pregnant females will not have considerable levels of hCG; usually it can not be identified at all. The hCG hormone will certainly keep you from spontaneously terminating (miscarrying) the newly conceived baby. These high degrees of hCG precipitate an action from the liver—it produces larger amounts of bile—a digestive enzyme that the body uses to break down fatty acids. hCG is a powerful ally, functioning to preserve the pregnancy. The bile, whose launch is promoted by the hCG hormonal agent, is the sidekick that triggers the early morning sickness. The encouraging information is that the more nauseous you feel, the much less likely you are to miscarry.

Why Bile Makes Us Feel Nauseous

When there are no fatty acids in your duodenum (the initial component of your small intestine and what lots of people typically call “the tummy”), there is nothing to digest except YOU! This triggers nausea. We will really feel a queasiness in the center of our upper abdomen, right under the sternum (the little bony expansion where the front rib cage intersects) and above the naval.

Eating Fats is NOT the Solution

You’d think that consuming fatty acids would take care of the issue, but that’s not necessarily the case. It makes sense that if bile is suggested to absorb fatty acids all we need to do is provide the bile the fatty acids it intends to absorb. The bile will certainly not bother our digestive lining making us really feel upset. Yet, when we eat foods with fats in them, it really causes the production of more bile. Currently we have the original bile making us feel uncomfortable PLUS a brand-new assault of this exact same nauseating substance. There is more to the bile story.

Bile Carries Expended Hormones

Bile is additionally the provider of used up hormones. The more hormones that are filtered out of the bloodstream by the liver, the more bile the liver will produce to get rid of them.

How Does the Western Diet Influence Bile Production?

Western diets tend to be high in fats. We cause the liver to make bile when we eat a lot of fatty foods. Nonetheless, bile itself is a fat; and not all of the bile fats will leave the body. Actually, a big quantity of the bile will certainly be reabsorbed and recycled by the liver. The problem with the bile recycling is that these bile fats bring much waste. This debris has actually been filtered out of the blood stream and placed in the bile fat carriers to be escorted out of the body. Yet if the bile is recycled, so is the waste  in the bile fat. This results in even more waste needing to be disposed of in the next bile release. The duplicated recycling of the exact same bile develops awful debris-laden bile that will make us feel a lot more nauseated.

Bile’s BFF

I mentioned just how the Western diet contributes to elevated bile levels. Soluble fiber and bile (or any type of fatty acid) have an excellent affinity toward each other. As no fiber (insoluble or soluble) could cross the digestive barrier, all the bile that has been bound together with the soluble fiber will leave the body through the digestive tract.

Is It Possible to Not Feel Queasy At All?

Yes, it is possible for you to really feel no queasiness from the true blessing of boosted hCG levels. I claim “true blessing” due to the fact that the increased hCG implies that you will more than likely have a complete term pregnancy. Removing the queasiness does not lower hCG; it just negates hCG’s negative effects (i.e. nausea).

THE Solution

The solution is to eat legumes. The question is, to just what level do you need to consume beans? You have to immediately eat your beans if you are feeling upset. You certainly should consume at the very least to to four tablespoons of prepared beans. If you want to eat a lot more, you may. You will likely see alleviation in under 20 minutes. The nausea or vomiting is sure to disappear or at the very least be moderate. The nausea may be back in a period of time, depending on the liver’s ability to produce more bile. If the levels of hCG are high, it will not be long (20 minutes to 4 hours) until you are feeling that restless sensation again. Then what? You eat your beans again. And so you go. You eat beans each time you have that sick sensation. So be it if that indicates you are spending the majority of your time at the table with a bowl of beans in front of you! It will just be for a short period of time. As the bile leaves your body, the successive releases of bile come to be less potent with waste. After consuming beans, each release of bile is much less abominable. Ultimately (within a few days) you will not need to eat beans all the time. You will be able to eat a small amount with meals just to avoid the morning illness from reoccurring.

What About the Adverse Effects of Eating Legumes?

Beans are often blamed for causing gas, but in actuality, it’s bile. As bile binds with beans, it ferments, causing gas and upset stomach.

The answer to morning sickness in early pregnancy, as I’ve demonstrated here, is not that hard. I am constantly impressed at just how tough we make things. Ladies, eat your beans!

Or, as the Chick Fil A cows would say: “Eet Mor Beens”

(Unless you’re on a 30-day, Maximized Living Advanced Plan that requires you to stop eating sugar. But if you’re pregnant, I don’t recommend you be on that plan!)

I see a lot of pregnant mamas at Queen City Health Center, and one of the first things they are looking to do postpartum is lose that baby fat! Many women will use supportive postpartum belly bands or girdles to hold in and hide their protruding bellies, but do these tools really work when it comes to losing belly fat, or are they simply fads and gimmicks?

I get a lot of questions about Belly Bandits, It Works! Body Wraps, and similar gadgets. To be honest, I have never used one of these, so I can’t say from experience whether they are effective, but as an professional Charlotte chiropractor who has adjusted plenty of postpartum patients, I can tell you what does work when it comes to losing weight post-pregnancy.

Ditch the sugar. I bet you thought I was going to say ditch the fat, right? Nope! Contrary to popular belief, fat is actually good for you. Healthy fat, that is. Eat a diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids (also called essential fatty acids) and low in sugar. Fat burns fat, so when you decrease your sugar intake, your body will burn fat for energy instead of burning sugar. This will help you lose that baby fat a lot quicker.

Exercise. I know, it’s a no-brainer. Pelvic floor exercises and workouts that target your lower abdominal muscles are especially effective. You don’t need to go crazy, especially right off the bat. Wait until your 6-week appointment to start an exercise routine, and even then, don’t make it too rigorous (especially if you’re breastfeeding). Begin with light stretching, gentle yoga, and maybe some pilates to target your midsection. After a few months, you can work your way up to light interval training to help you burn more fat.

Eat more. It sounds counterproductive, but it actually works. If you are breastfeeding, you’re going to need the extra calories. And if you’re exercising, you’ll burn more fat, so you’ll need to make up the difference. In turn, this will actually increase your metabolism and boost fat loss long-term. Make sure your diet is rich in healthy protein (organic grass-fed beef and free-range chicken) and a colorful variety of organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables.

Minimize toxins.  They are everywhere. In our air, in our water, in the food we eat… Your body encases excess toxins inside of fat cells. It seems to show up primarily around your midsection. (Am I right?) Minimizing your body’s exposure to toxins decreases the build-up of excess fat.

Do postpartum belly bands work? I don’t know, but I recommend focusing on what does work first. Girdles are great for support and you can certainly use one for that purpose. I wouldn’t rely on it for weight loss, but it can definitely help you create a flatter shape and even get back into your pre-preggo jeans after just a few months! (A major goal for a lot of women I’ve talked to.) Either way, make sure to incorporate each of the 5 DREAM principles into your daily routine for maximum results!

At Queen City Health Center, we see a lot of moms-to-be (as well as their babies after birth.) Dr. Holly is well-versed in chiropractic care for babies and children in Charlotte NC. In fact, the family-centered nature of our practice is often what attracts people to our office and retains them as long-term clients for preventative maintenance and alternative care, months or even years after their initial health problems have been corrected.

One of our longtime patients recently gave birth to a healthy baby boy, so we thought we’d start this month off with a blog post about the benefits of Charlotte chiropractic care during pregnancy! If you’re a pregnant mama, here are seven reasons you may want to consider seeing a chiropractor before your due date approaches:

Reason #1: Overall Comfort

Perhaps the biggest reason to see a Charlotte chiropractor while pregnant is to improve your overall comfort levels, especially in later trimesters. For all of the other reasons listed below, you’re bound to be more comfortable throughout your pregnancy, labor, and birth if you’re getting adjusted regularly. A good chiropractor will put your body into correct alignment and help minimize the symptoms that often cause discomfort to expectant mothers.

Reason #2: Better Sleep

This was the #1 thing that our most recent pregnant patient said improved for her during her third trimester — which also happens to be the period that a lot of mamas report bouts of insomnia. Because your sleep positions are limited (you’re basically supposed to lie on your left side once your belly gets big), it can be hard to get and stay comfortable during the late and early morning hours. Also, you’re likely to get hungry and have to urinate more frequently as the baby grows, which results in more frequent night wakings. Chiropractic adjustments can help regulate the hormones that affect your sleep cycles, so that even if you do wake up, you’re able to fall back to sleep and sleep better.

Reason #3: Immune Function

It’s well known that a pregnant woman’s immune system operates at a lower capacity than that of a non-pregnant woman, no matter how healthy her lifestyle. Chiropractic care helps with so much more than back pain. A good, holistic Charlotte chiropractor like Dr. Holly can attest to having helped hundreds of people improve their immune system function long-term. Staying healthy while you’re growing a baby should be a top priority.

Reason #4: Improved Digestion

Constpation. It’s another one of those dreaded pregnancy symptoms that so many women experience. And it seems like no matter how much extra fiber and green leafy vegetables you eat, you just can’t seem to kick it, right? Have no fear — your Charlotte Chiropractor is here! Believe it or not, getting your spine into proper alignment can have a big effect on your body’s ability to excrete waste.

Reason #5: Baby’s Position

If your baby is breech, a chiropractor can apply the Webster technique during your regular adjustments to get him into the proper position for labor and birth. Doing so will ensure the whole process is faster and easier for both mama and her little, which brings us to reason #6…

Reason #6: Faster Labor & Birth

Did you know that chiropractic care is said to take as many as 12 hours off of a woman’s labor? That was enough for our most recent pregnant mama to seek us out during her third trimester when she was pregnant with her first child, and enough to make her stick around and keep receiving care during her second pregnancy as well. She has since given birth to two healthy babies (drug-free and intervention-free) in the comfort of her own home and believes a large part of the ease was due to the weekly adjustments she received throughout both pregnancies.

Reason #7: Milk Supply

Charlotte chiropractic adjustments can help reduce stress (something every new mama experiences, especially in the first few weeks after giving birth). Increased stress can have a huge effect on when and how well a new mom’s milk comes in, and if not properly addressed, can negatively impact breastfeeding, both short- and long-term. Our most recent pregnant mama experienced a lot of stress, and as a result, had very low milk supply during her first 7 days postpartum. She had to get breastmilk from a donor just to feed her baby. As soon as she went in for an adjustment, voila! Her milk came in the very next day, and she successfully breastfed her first child for almost two years.

Are you a pregnant woman living in Charlotte, NC?

As we’ve demonstrated in this post, Charlotte chiropractic care can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy, a faster and easier labor, and a natural, intervention-free birth! Call our office at 980.422.2000 to learn more and to schedule a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Holly.

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