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Meet the Team

Dr. Kyle Loveless

Dr. Kyle grew up near Houston, TX. His first experience with chiropractic care was when he was in high school. As an avid athlete competing in multiple sports he began having back problems at young age. He sought help from conventional medicine where he was given pain meds, muscle relaxers, physical therapy for over a year. After a year of this looking for answer he begin having digestive issues. Finally, his coach at the time referred him to his chiropractor. Although he was skeptical he gave chiropractic a shot. After 6 visits his back pain was gone. He continued chiropractic care, came off any meds and his digestive system healed.

His chiropractic story led him to want help others get their health back and get free from medications. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine from Marietta College where he played on the soccer team, as well. After graduating from Marietta College Dr. Kyle continued his education to receive his doctorate of chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Florida. During his chiropractic schooling he went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic where he delivered chiropractic services the communities in need. He has successfully delivered spinal corrective chiropractic care, nutritional protocols, exercise education and detoxing protocols to thousands of patients over the past 10 years.

It was at chiropractic school where Dr. Kyle met his wife Dr. Holly. After training for a year in one of the largest scoliosis clinics in the country Dr. Kyle and Dr. Holly made the leap to buy a practice in Matthews, NC in 2010. They opened their second location in the South Park location in 2013. Together they have successfully treated and help thousands of families get their health on track.

Dr. Kyle was picked to travel with the USA Wrestling and Judo team to the Olympics in 2012 to help our country win the gold with chiropractic care. He has been the team chiropractor for local MMA teams and loves working with athletes in the clinic, as well. He was also ranked on the Top Chiropractors list by Charlotte Magazine 2 years in a row. Dr. Kyle has been speaking around the country, primarily in the Charlotte area for the last 8 years on wellness topics from stress relief to weight loss. He has become a sought after speaker on health for local groups, churches, and corporations around the Charlotte area.

Dr. Kyle believes that his purpose in life is to help people get their mind and body in alignment so that they can come in to alignment with who they are called to be. He live’s by the truth that if you will take care of your body then your body will take care of you, and you can focus on serving others. He believes that the healthier you are the more vibrant and more connected you can be. Dr. Kyle is driven by the testimonials that have and are continuing to come from the natural health care he delivers.

Dr. Kyle and his wife, support multiple ministries in the community including their home church, The Gate, One 7 ministry, Nalu, and the HELP Pregnancy Center

Dr. Kyle and his wife have a beautiful little girl named Eleanor. You will be sure to meet her if you visit the clinic multiple times. Finally, He is a student. He is continuously learning from the best natural health care providers in the world, and spends much of his time traveling to seminars and other clinics to better his skills.

Dr. Holly Loveless

Dr. Holly Loveless is a total wellness physician who resides in Charlotte, NC.  As a co-owner of Queen City Health Center, she specializes in family-centered Charlotte chiropractic care — including pregnancy and pediatric — and is truly passionate about improving the health of her community.

Through her practice, she offers Olympic-level chiropractic treatment, as well as ongoing educational events where her patients learn how to live at optimal wellness and to break free from dependence on medications and surgeries. Dr. Holly coaches, inspires and lives by the principle that your maximum health potential is achievable through nutrition, lifestyle classes, detoxification protocols, regular fitness and specific spinal correction. She has helped hundreds of families gain a new sense of hope and health by applying the five essentials to their daily lives.

In addition to serving families, Dr. Holly also served in the 2012 Summer Olympics as a chiropractor for USA AthletesProfessional Athletes. She also treats Local Athletes and has traveled across the world to India & countries in South America to serve, teach and bring wellness principles to the less fortunate.  She is also involved with outreach organizations such as The Lift Up Foundation, One 7  Ministry and the HELP Pregnancy Center.

As a past collegiate athlete and current local competitor, Dr. Holly knows what it takes to focus and work hard to achieve goals physically, mentally & nutritionally.  A noted speaker, and well-known health expert in the community, Dr. Holly works with businesses and groups including Earth Fare, Healthy Home Market, TriSports, Crossfit, Atherton Market and Walmart through health screenings, nutrition/wellness workshops and recipe/cooking classes.

Dr. Holly’s passion for life is contagious and clear through her continued efforts to reach the community with vital health principles.  She has the ability to pick people up from their current state of health — both physically and emotionally — and help them discover their true potential.

Dr. Holly earned her Doctorate from nationally-recognized Palmer College of Chiropractic and continued to train in one of the top wellness practices in Florida before opening Nation’s Family Chiropractic.  She is currently working towards earning her Nutrition Diplomate, which will enable her to better serve the needs of her patients.

Queen City Health Center’s mission is to change the state of health in the US, and that mission starts right here with Charlotte chiropractic. Join us, and become a part of that mission.