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Queen City Health Center is a Charlotte Chiropractic and total wellness center for individuals and families. Located in Matthews, NC and the Southpark area, we specialize in helping individuals and families find true health and ways to maximize their lives through nutrition, lifestyle classes, detoxification and spinal correction.

Led by Charlotte Chiropractors, Dr. Kyle Loveless and Dr. Holly Loveless Queen City Health Center offers a multitude of solutions for people who are looking for ways to get and stay healthy through natural, holistic means. In addition to chiropractic care, our practice offers nutrition counseling, fitness classes and lifestyle education. We host regular events throughout the year where patients and their friends and families come to learn more about ways to achieve total health and wellness. Our mission is to improve the health of our next patients, and we work with adults and children of all ages.

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The Queen City Health Center Charlotte chiropractic experience encompasses chiropractic care for individuals and families. They also care for pregnant women and children from newborn age all the way into adolescence and adulthood. They work with professional athletes to the weekend warrior, as well. Queen City Health Center doctors are known for there ability to listen and truly focus helping the patient get live life to the fullest, by address the root cause of their health concern. 


The body was created with the ability to heal itself.

The nervous system controls the body – every cell, every organ, every system – everything! Your spine encases and protects the delicate nerve tissue that connects your brain to your body.

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