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Top 3 Tips to Improve Text Neck

Take Off the Load

Have you ever heard of text neck? Maybe you’ve heard it in terms of forward head posture. The constant forward head posture of sitting at a desk all day or being on your phone consistently is called text neck. These poor postured activities over long periods of time are creating an increasing issue in our society. Your head weighs, on average, 10-12 pounds. When you are looking down at a screen, you are also emitting that weight onto your neck. Not only is that weight being added to your neck, but also up to 60 pounds of pressure can be added in the texting position to your upper spine.

Avoiding Degeneration

Having text neck, or forward head posture, alone can cause side effects of headaches, sleep disturbances, lack of focus, tension, and much more. Your spine is being stretched in a forward head posture which ultimately can lead to degeneration. Degeneration in your spine indicates incorrect posture over time that creates interference to the spine’s movement and ability to function properly. When there is interference to your spine, there is interference in your body’s ability to heal itself. Because the spine is connected to the nervous system, it is vitally important to correct issues such as text neck as soon as possible.

Top 3 Tips to Avoid or Improve Text Neck

1. Move Phone Upwards

A quick simple tip to prevent text neck is to move your phone in front of your face while you are on it instead of holding it low while looking down. By repositioning the phone, or computer screen, to be directly in front of your face eliminates the extra weight added to your spine while looking down. Making sure your head is straight forward will lower your risk of having text neck.

2. Set Timer on Your Phone

Some phones have this option directly on them, others do not. However, everyone could benefit from a set time limit of being on your phone. This decreases the chances of you glances down or spending long periods in the text neck position. Aside from communication such as phone calls, we tend to spend a lot of time on social media or games. With a set time to be on your phone, you will eliminate more time, and poor posture, than you can imagine.

3. Get Your Spine Checked

Visit a chiropractor to know exactly the position and health of your spine. Getting regular adjustments unblocks interference to the spine and over time corrects your body’s posture. Adjustments are only the start of what chiropractors, such as our office, provide to correct issues such as text neck. In our office, we will have a consultation as well as X-rays to see exactly what your spine looks like. We will be able to detect degeneration and also text neck.

Bonus Tip

Spinal movement exercises will improve forward head posture. There are many videos you can search online to do a couple each day at home. A great strength exercise we do in our office for correcting neck posture is head weights. In our office, we will consult the best exercises to strengthen your spine and correct areas that need improvement.

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