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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Queen City Health Center’s FAQ

How can I handle stress?

Do specific things to allow your body to be more resilient to stress. For example, you can take a supplement like Ashwagandha to help your body adapt to stress more easily. You can remove certain stressors such as watching the news often, over-exercising, and toxic products within your home. Handling stress isn’t the goal; adapting to stress and removing unnecessary stressors in your life is. Focus on what you can control and let go of what you cannot control. Have faith in God for the rest.

What is the best diet I can follow?

Follow a non-inflammatory diet which includes foods such as cruciferous vegetables and organic meat. On top of this diet, take a food allergy test. Knowing which foods cause inflammation in your body is huge. When you combine these two steps, your body will not be in constant stress and inflamed state. Bloating will decrease, digestive health will increase, and your body will begin to heal.

Why am I always tired?

The stressors in your life have created a level of fatigue in your adrenals where your body is not able to handle. This can also stem from hormone issues, digestive issues, liver issues, etc. Finding the root of your issue is the most important step to find out why because everyone is so different. Your symptom is fatigue, but the root is what is causing it.

Is milk good for me?

The short answer is yes, as long as it is unpasteurized, organic, and raw. The majority of milk has been pasteurized. Altered milk contains hormones and antibiotics that ultimately end up in your system, passed on from the cow, causing health issues. If the milk is not raw, organic, and unpasteurized you will become inflamed and potentially sick. Good alternatives include almond milk and coconut milk.

Can you fix this symptom?

The most common question asked is, “Can you help me with this symptom?” whether it is back pain or digestive issues, and the answer is almost always YES. If we remove interferences that hinder your body’s ability to heal, it will transform into its optimal ability to heal itself. Your body itself is the healer. Once stressors are removed and you adapt to be more resilient to stress, it will begin to heal itself.

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