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Top 5 Fitness Mistakes to Avoid

New Years Resolution

With the new year beginning, there are many resolutions. The top resolution people tend to have is to increase working out. Many people want to maintain their health goals through fitness. Many others have only begun their fitness journey. There are many benefits to adding fitness to your everyday life, but there are some precautions people should take. January is the most common month our office sees injuries, which has a direct correlation to fitness. To help you be successful, we will share the top major mistakes most people unintentionally make.

Your Uniqueness

Along with avoiding these mistakes, it is important to listen to your body. When you come into our office, we talk through goals and routines specifically made for you. Every person’s body is uniquely made, which is why following a specific FAD diet or workout routine may harm your body in the long run. Some people experience harm shortly after following these routines and become discouraged. However, once you understand how different everyone is, you should also relieve the unrealistic expectations you have for your body. Following these steps will allow you to adapt to a fitness incorporated lifestyle healthily.

Top 5 Tips to Avoid in Your Fitness Journey

1. Too Hard, Too Fast

People tend to go after their goals too hard and too fast. If you had a sedentary lifestyle, it would be an extreme change to incorporate regular exercise. If your body is not ready for this change, you can easily injure your shoulder, back, or neck. Making realistic goals and smaller changes will help prevent this mistake.

2. Exercising Too Long

Exercising raises your cortisol levels. When cortisol stays high for too long, it tells the body to hold onto fat rather than lose fat. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is the most efficient type of workout for your body to adapt to regular fitness. HIIT workouts will also be the quickest way for you to see results, lose weight, and increase your endurance.

3. Forgetting to Stretch

If you don’t stretch the muscles you are using, it will increase the pain you experience after your workout. This is due to lactic acid build-up and the tightening of these muscles. Stretching encourages faster recovery while also strengthening the targeted muscles you use.

4. Not Hydrating Enough

It is vital to hydrate with water throughout the day, and more so when you exercise. Increasing your water intake helps flush out toxins and lactic acid your body builds up. It also replenishes your body from what you lose during a workout. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces.

5. Rest and Recovery

If there is only one thing to focus on with fitness, recovery and rest are the most impactful. To assure you are recovering, pick a set bedtime every night for eight or more hours of sleep regularly. Sleep allows your muscles, joints, and brain to recover efficiently. Adding fitness to your lifestyle raises the stressors your body experiences, so recovering consistently by sleeping is necessary.

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