Day 6: Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Join us in celebrating 12 Days of Christmas, QCHC-Style!

We are challenging our patients, friends and family members to commit to one thoughtful health change each day for 12 days. Our goal is to help you feel better and start the new year off right!

Missed the last 5 days? It’s never too late to start taking action toward better health! Our Day 6 Challenge is sure to spice up your life… ūüôā

Day 6: Eat Cinnamon.

Get creative and festive this holiday season (and beyond.) Add this flavorful spice to one of your meals or drinks today!

Here are some of the tremendous health benefits of cinnamon:

1. It’s a high source of antioxidants. Antioxidants¬†help prevent cellular¬†damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals. Cellular damage leads to a variety of diseases and speeds up the aging process. No bueno.

2. It contains anti-inflammatory properties. Many autoimmune conditions can be attributed to inflammation in the body. Eating more cinnamon can help prevent inflammation and even reverse chronic illness.

3.¬†It’s good for the heart. A healthy heart is necessary for a healthy life!

4. It fights diabetes. This is a condition that more and more Americans are facing due to unhealthy dietary habits. Add cinnamon to your diet and avoid the dreaded diagnosis.

5. It helps defend against cognitive decline and protects brain function. Yep. Eating cinnamon helps you stay smarter, longer. Bye-bye brain fog. You’re welcome.

6. It may help lower cancer risk. Remember what we said about free radicals? (See #1 for more details.)

7. It fights infections and viruses. Which happen to be more prevalent during cold-weather seasons. No wonder people add cinnamon to their holiday dishes.

8. It protects dental health and freshens breath naturally. Eat more cinnamon, and enjoy more kisses!

9. It can help prevent or cure candida. Candida is basically a yeast infection in your gut. It leads to a host of unbearable symptoms, including fatigue, headaches, fungal infections, leaky gut, and even psoriasis. It’s a pesky parasite that you don’t want in your body‚ÄĒtrust me.

10. It benefits skin health. Don’t let the winter blues drag you down (or your skin). Cinnamon helps you retain that radiant glow, so why not eat more of it?

11. It helps fight allergies. Why swallow toxic allergy pills when you can sprinkle some of this savory spice on your food and enjoy your day, sneeze-free.

12. It acts as a natural sweetener. Which means you won’t need to add sugar to your recipes. Sugar feeds cancer and candida, so you’re much better off using cinnamon.

13. It can be used as a natural food preservative. Toxic preservatives are in so many packaged foods these days and should be avoided. Sprinkle some cinnamon on your meals, and be amazed at how much longer your leftovers last in your fridge.

Clearly the health benefits of cinnamon are undeniable. We’ve listed 13 here, but there are many more. I know, I know‚ÄĒ13 is an “unlucky” number. But we stopped there to make a point: your health should not be left up to luck. You can begin taking charge of it today, simply by committing to one thoughtful action step for the next 12 days and into 2016!

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