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This is a guest post from one of our Queen City Health Center chiropractic patients who recently experienced pain symptoms following a Charlotte auto accident.

As I was flipping through the air at 70 miles an hour, all I could think about was how badly my back was going to be killing me in the very near future. ūüôā

On a serious note, being in a car accident is one of the most frightening experiences you can have. Most people incur whiplash, soreness, and severe pain. Thankfully, I came out (mostly) unscathed, which is why I didn’t think I needed to go to the doctor or the emergency room after my accident. But as the paramedics were patting me down, making sure I had no other serious injuries, I started to dream up worst case scenarios, like internal bleeding, and I began to wonder¬†if maybe I should go to the emergency room.

Thankfully everything checked out. However, I began to experience severe back pain, dizziness, vertigo, whiplash, and major soreness shortly afterwards. I went to see Dr. Holly at Queen City Health Center. She did an initial consultation and X-ray and was able to show me just how messed up my body really was as a result of the accident.

To be honest, I don’t really enjoy going to doctors. I view it as a sign of weakness, and it takes up a lot of time that I could be spending doing other things. But, now that I’ve received treatment, I have full mobility and no longer wake up with pain. Who knows what could have happened if I had never gone to see her? I could have ended up like the hunchback of Notre Dame…

If you have recently been in a Charlotte auto accident, I highly recommend that you make an appointment with a Charlotte chiropractor as soon as possible. However, not all chiropractors are created equal. I am personally biased towards Dr. Holly and Queen City Health Center, simply because they not only perform adjustments; they help you heal through other natural methods such as nutrition counseling, detoxification, fitness, and physical therapy, in addition to regular chiropractic care. Also, since your car insurance company is likely to cover your treatments, you have nothing to lose!

A Charlotte chiropractor can treat a number of symptoms associated with pain due to a recent car accident, including whiplash, soreness, dizziness and vertigo¬†‚ÄĒ all of which I experienced. Spinal manipulation helps with pain management, because it releases the pressure caused by¬†compressed vertebrae on your nerves. This allows nerve signals to travel to your body’s organs at an optimal rate. The nerve signals sent out from your spine are responsible for telling your organs how to operate. When those signals are weakened due to nerve compression, your body functions¬†at a limited capacity.

If you’re still confused, it’s probably because I’m not a doctor. Just a patient who is thankful for the chiropractic care I received following my Charlotte auto accident. If you’d like to speak to a doctor and get your questions answered,¬†click here to request a free 15-minute phone consultation, or give us a call at (980) 422-2000!

Whether you’re a new mama, or you’ve been around the block a few times, visiting a chiropractor can do wonders for your quality of life in many ways.

Take it from Dr. Holly, who recently became a new mama herself! Meet the newest addition to the QCHC family, Eleanor Joy Loveless:

Eleanor Joy Loveless

(Isn’t she lovely? We think so!)

We’ve seen our fair share of mamas here in the office, and they all have a story about how chiropractic care has changed their life. If you’re a mom who’s considering a visit to a Charlotte¬†chiropractor, but are on the fence, then please read on for the many reasons why every mom should be seeing a D.C.¬†on the regular.

Reason #1: To realign your spine, post-pregnancy. This applies, whether you just recently gave birth, or you gave birth several years ago. The impact of birth on a woman’s body is undeniable. Even more so is the impact on the baby that just made his or her way through the birth canal! No doubt your spine was knocked out of alignment and it could be having all sorts of effects on the rest of your body’s organs. If you’re experiencing symptoms such as headaches, back pain, digestive problems, hormonal issues, or even autoimmune conditions, we’ve got news for you. These are all things that regular Charlotte chiropractic care can address!

A chiropractor can take an X-ray and do an examination of your spine to determine what needs to happen going forward to put things back in the right place. Whether you just had a baby or you’ve been a mama for years,¬†contact us to schedule an initial consultation. We’ve worked on adults and children of all ages, including newborn babes.

Reason #2: To improve your immune system function. It’s no secret that kids¬†are¬†like tiny¬†germ factories. Who knows what they’re bringing home from daycare or school? Better to be safe than sorry…

Many people are surprised to learn that chiropractic care aids in immune system function. Most think it’s just for back or neck pain. If you’re wondering how a visit to the chiropractor can actually keep you and your kids from getting sick, here’s the lowdown:

Basically, your spine is the central hub for your nervous system which regulates all of your bodily functions. Your spine sends nerve signals out to your organs telling them what to do, and when there is compression on any of your vertebrae, those signals get weaker. Weakened signals means weaker function overall. So if your spine is unable to fully communicate with the organs that regulate your body’s immune function, you’re likely to get sick more often.

We see a lot of parents and children at Queen City Health Center when they’re feeling “under the weather.” You’ll be surprised how fast a couple of adjustments can work to get them feeling 100% their best again!

Curious to find out for yourself? Give us a call at (980) 422-2000, or fill out the form on this page to request a FREE phone consultation or to schedule an in-person consultation with the doc.

Reason #3: To lower your stress levels. Let’s face it. Being a mama ain’t easy. In fact, it’s really hard at times. If you’re a new mom, you’ll need to keep your stress levels down so your body can produce milk for your babe. And if you’re a mom of teens or toddlers (a.k.a. “three-nagers”), it’s easy to lose your cool. Keeping your stress levels in check is a must, since stress affects your immune system function. You don’t want to get sick every time your kids stress you out, right?

Chiropractic care is known to help alleviate stress. A series of¬†adjustments can not only make you feel better right away, but produce more of those “feel-good” hormones that will keep you feeling your best for days afterwards. Many of our¬†patients report better sleep and less stress after a visit to our office.

Reason #4: To lose weight. After carrying a baby (or several babies), our bodies definitely change. Losing weight and staying fit can help you boost and retain your confidence, which in turn can positively affect your relationships with your spouse and children as well as the way you relate to them and how you parent.

If your’e a mom in Charlotte NC,¬†and¬†you’ve been struggling to lose that post-pregnancy baby weight, chiropractic care can help. Each adjustment releases hormones that combat stress¬†and¬†can help you lose those LBs. In addition, our doctors specialize in holistic treatments that also incorporate nutrition and fitness counseling.

chiropractic care for golf Queen City Health Center 4421 Sharon Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28211 (980) 422-2000

Very few things will affect your golf game like the condition of your back. The back is a complex structure and one little misalignment or kink can render you immobile. So, it is no wonder that when your back is off, your golf game is off as well. The alignment of your spine is very important in determining the shape of your back. One might even say that the spine is the literal backbone of your health.

The game of golf itself can be very rough on the spine and can cause misalignment of your vertebrae. Studies have shown that regular Charlotte chiropractic care is not only great and keeps a golfer’s spine in alignment, but it actually improves a golfer’s play. Whether you are a career golfer or a leisure golfer, you definitely want to look into chiropractic care to help improve your golf game. Here are a few of the ways that a Charlotte chiropractor can take your game up a notch:


The game of golf is known to be a natural stress reliever… at least when you are playing the game well. To start out playing well it greatly helps to already be in a relaxed state. Stress can cause stiffness and playing golf well has no room for stiffness. You will always play better when you have a nice, relaxed swing. A regular chiropractic adjustment can help reduce muscle stiffness and helps put your body into a relaxed state. Chiropractic care in Charlotte NC will ensure that you approach the tee box as loose as a goose. Being relaxed as you approach your ball will give you a nice, easy swing and ensure you have more walks to the green with your putter in hand.

Proper Balance

Chiropractic adjustments also help to realign your hips, which is sure to improve your stance on the green. A proper stance means a better swing, and a better swing can dramatically improve your score. Unbalanced hips, on the other hand, can throw off the direction of the balls you hit, and we all know that even if that happens to a small degree, it can greatly affect the overall outcome. If you look in a mirror and notice that one shoulder is higher than the other, that could be a sign that your hips are not properly aligned. If your golf game has been a little off lately, that could be why.

Better Coordination

Chiropractic focuses on the care of your nervous system, which affects every other organ and system in your body. When your back is not properly aligned, you may experience pressure on the nerves that send signals out to your body‚Äôs organs, telling them how to function. Increased pressure means a weaker signal, which means your body will not be operating at full capacity. This includes the organs that affect your coordination, such as your eyes and hands ‚Äď both of which are vital to your golf game.

If you’re a golfer and want to improve your game, make an appointment at Queen City Health Center today by calling (980) 422-2000. Or click here to request a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our Charlotte chiropractors!

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase “change your habits, change your life.” (It’s also the title of a best-selling book!) As a Charlotte chiropractic clinic¬†who has worked with hundreds of patients to help them transform their health and life through positive habits, we¬†can attest to this statement being true.

But as another popular saying goes, “old habits die hard.” Because we realize that it can be difficult for many people to make big changes (especially multiple changes all at one time), we’re giving¬†you some easy, fast, and practical new habits that you can implement right away and watch your life transform!¬†(In the corporate world, they call these “quick wins”.)

Habit 1: Read (or listen to) one new book each month.

If you don’t like to read, audio books are a great solution. Choose a title that will develop a positive¬†mindset, build your confidence, and steer you toward achieving your life and business goals.

Habit 2: Drink a tall glass of water first thing in the morning.

Staying hydrated is essential to maintaining your health, and drinking a tall (16 oz.) glass of water first thing in the morning¬†improves hydration and helps with weight loss. Just remember to drink at least 4 more of those tall glasses throughout the day, and you’ll notice a positive difference in how you feel!

Habit 3: Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier.

And don’t hit the snooze button, as tempting as it may be! Getting up earlier¬†will improve your productivity. Spend those 30 minutes doing something you normally wouldn’t do for lack of time, such as reading, meditating, or exercising. Now you’ll have no excuses NOT to get that workout in.

Habit 4: Compliment yourself.

This may sound silly, but words of affirmation can be life-changing. Rather than relying on other people to affirm you, as many people do, you can get into the daily habit of affirming yourself. It’s as simple as waking up, going into the bathroom in the morning, standing in front of your mirror, and telling yourself how awesome you are.¬†Watch this video for some inspiration. ūüėČ

Habit 5: Focus on one thing at a time.

Remember when orange was the new black? Now, it’s multitasking. And according to recent research, it’s killing our productivity. Rather than trying to do many different things at once, try focusing on just one thing at a time and watch your efficiency and productivity go through the roof!

Habit 6: Smile.

Smile at yourself in front of the mirror. Smile at the barista when you buy your morning coffee. Smile at your neighbor while you’re on your morning run. Smile at your coworkers when you walk into work. You’d be surprised how this small change can positively transform your entire day. Not only that, it’s contagious! Your happiness will radiate out toward and through you, right into¬†the people you come in contact with.

Habit 7: Get organized.

This isn’t necessarily a daily habit. It can be something you do all at once and repeat every month, every quarter, or as often as you need. Think about how much more difficult it is to get things done¬†when your workspace is cluttered.¬†A neat, organized environment will reduce stress and improve your productivity by a mile. If organization is not your strong suit, you can hire a personal assistant to¬†do it for you.

Are you a runner living in Charlotte NC? Looking for ways to reduce your mile time, increase your speed, improve your endurance, and build strength?

Besides practicing your actual craft (running), you may also want to consider regular chiropractic care as part of your overall fitness regimen. Here are 5 ways a chiropractor can help you become a better and faster runner.

Increased Flexibility

You definitely don’t want to be stiff when you run, which makes flexibility a top priority for most athletes. Chiropractic care improves flexibility by putting your spine into proper alignment and working out any knots in your muscles and ligaments. Increased flexibility means a longer stride and a shorter mile-time overall.

Better Balance

In the words of Shakira, “hips don’t lie.” I see a lot of patients each month whose hips are off balance, causing one side of their body to carry more weight than the other. Being out of balance in this way¬†means¬†your strides will be shorter, causing you to run slower. Similar to how balancing your car’s tires can increase their tread time, a Charlotte chiropractor can improve your run time¬†by adjusting your hips to¬†ensure¬†your body is properly balanced.

Reduced Stress

Running puts a lot of strain on your joints and stress on your body, especially your lower back, hips and legs. Seeing a chiropractor is an imperative part of your monthly “maintenance” routine, especially if you plan on being a professional runner, as it can help to alleviate some of that strain and reduce the stress on your muscles and bones. Our Charlotte chiropractors have adjusted professional athletes of all kinds and are well versed in chiropractic care for runners.

Faster Recovery

The impact of each stride can cause your spine to go out of alignment quickly. Over time, as your muscles and joints wear, it can lead to poor performance. As a regular runner, you want to make sure you’re recovering from each run quickly so that you resume activity as soon as possible. You don’t want to be stuck in bed or on the couch for days following a marathon or 5k. A visit to the chiropractor can help ensure your spine remains in proper alignment and keeps your body’s organs functioning well.

Improved Coordination

Just like balance, good¬†coordination is a must if running is your art form. Seeing a chiropractor improves coordination by keeping your nervous system in check. The spine is the central hub of your nervous system, and as long as it’s in good working order, so will your entire body be.

Wondering if chiropractic care can help your athletic performance as a runner in Charlotte NC? Give us a call at (980) 422-2000, or fill out the form on this page to request a FREE 15-minute phone consultation with the doc!

The neck is extremely flexible. Made up of only 7 vertebrae, this amazing part of your body is strong enough to hold up your head, which, as we all know from the kid in Jerry Maguire, weighs 8 lbs. on average.


Those magical 7 vertebrae not only keep your head up; they also extend it frontwards, backwards, or side to side in either direction.

Clearly your neck is very important for everyday function. If you’re struck from behind in a car accident, the neck usually absorbs much of the shock and snaps beyond it’s normal flexible range. This often¬†leads to symptoms such as headaches, muscle¬†pain, stiffness, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and dizziness. Not only that; it may¬†also impact the rest of your body’s function as nerves are compressed and signals to your organs become weakened…

Perhaps you’ve been a victim of whiplash in the past or even recently. At Queen City Health Center, we treat numerous Charlotte car accident victims each month, and we understand that curing whiplash take time. But the good news is, it is curable with the right exercises, regular chiropractic adjustments, and even modifications to your diet and lifestyle.¬†Here are some of our top recommendations for treating and curing whiplash following an auto accident in Charlotte NC.

Tip #1: See a chiropractor!¬†Seems like a no-brainer, right? ūüėČ Perhaps you’re not sure if or how a chiropractor can help you. Or maybe you’ve heard that chiropractic is not a “legitimate” form of medical care. But chiropractors can help in a number of ways when it comes to curing whiplash.

When you visit Queen City Health Center, our Charlotte chiropractors will start by taking a close look at your neck and spine via an X-ray. Once we see the extent of the damage done, we’ll address it through spinal manipulation. The goal is to get those 7 vertebrae back into proper alignment with the right degree of curvature to promote optimal healing, not just to your head and neck, but also to the rest of your body. We’ll also prescribe some at-home exercises and treatments that you can do to encourage relaxation, strengthen your neck muscles, and¬†train your nervous system toward proper movement patterns and stability.

Tip #2: Change your diet. You may be wondering, “what does food have to do with pain in my neck?” And to that, we say “everything!” As a matter of fact, we recently wrote another post on how to cure pain with dietary changes. Check it out here for more info.

Essentially, certain foods (ahem, sugar…) increase inflammation. In order to promote fast healing, it is best to limit your intake of said foods.

Tip #3: Rest. Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep‚ÄĒat least 8 hours per night if possible. Your body needs sleep in order to heal itself. Also, be very cautious when it comes to exercising. This is not the time to put added strain on your neck or back by lifting heavy weights at the gym. Give your body time to heal and get permission from your chiropractor before resuming your normal fitness regimen.

Tip #4: Stay hydrated. Just like sleep, your body needs plenty of water to promote fast recovery. Dehydration also carries a host of other symptoms with it, like joint pain, which can amplify the discomfort you’re already experiencing from whiplash.

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Change Your Diet for a Pain-Free Lifestyle

Chronic pain can be one of the most frustrating conditions to deal with, for a couple of reasons:

#1. You don’t always know what causes it. Sometimes, there can be a physical cause; other times, there is no known physical cause, which usually means your body is generating an inflammatory response to some other unknown or non-physical stimuli. This makes it seemingly hard to cure.

#2. You can’t easily get medicine for it. At Queen City Health Center, we’d actually say that’s a good thing since prescription drugs are toxic. But if you’re in debilitating pain and just want something to manage the symptoms, it can be hard to get medicine from a doctor if they can’t see any physical signs of the pain or if they can’t diagnose the cause. The reason for this is that prescription meds are often abused, and a lot of patients will use “pain” as an excuse to get their hands on legal drugs. As sad as this is, it’s a reality…

Still, many people suffer from chronic pain these days, either as a response to injury, or as the product of another condition such as an autoimmune disease.

As a Charlotte chiropractor, I see many patients who deal with pain in their joints, especially their neck, back, shoulders, hips, and knees. Chiropractic adjustments do help, but there is another formula that I like to prescribe for my patients to maximize their results and live a totally pain-free lifestyle: a modified paleo diet. This diet consists of three main tenets:

#1: Eat colorful foods.

Like the Skittles slogan says, “Taste the rainbow.” But we say don’t just taste it; consume it. Consume it every day of your life at every meal. Fresh fruits and vegetables are your friend. Skittles however, are not. So don’t eat those. Avoid them like the plague.

#2: Lay off the grains, sugar, and dairy.

Grains¬†increase inflammation. If you can avoid sugar altogether for 30 days (and this includes all grains, breads, rice and pastas), your body will detoxify and essentially “reset” itself. We’re pretty confident you’ll notice a big difference in how you feel once you drastically reduce how much of these foods you consume. We also recommend limiting dairy, but if you must drink milk, only buy the organic stuff from grass-fed cows. Goats milk, almond milk, and coconut milk are also great¬†alternatives.

#3: Limit red meats.

Some doctors recommend treating red meat like you treat turkey and only eating it on special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Replace red meats with lots of fresh fruits and veggies, or, in the words of the Chick Fil A cows, “Eat More Chicken!” Chicken has no effect on the inflammatory response, so it can’t hurt anything. Really, you should consume more wild-caught fish if you want to reduce inflammation. But when you do eat the occasional burger, make sure it’s organic and grass-fed.

The above diet, combined with plenty of regular exercise, sleep, and stress-management, along with weekly chiropractic adjustments, should have you well on your way to living a pain-free lifestyle in no time!

To request a FREE consultation with Dr. Holly, click here.


back pain charlotte chiropractor Queen City Health Center 4421 Sharon Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28211 (980) 422-2000

If you live in the Charlotte area and are suffering from chronic pain in your neck and back, we highly recommend that you come into our office for a visit. One of our Charlotte chiropractors can assess the damage with an X-ray and in-person consultation. But if you’re skeptical about chiropractic care, we understand. A lot of people believe that it’s not a valid way to treat a condition, whether it’s pain or something else. In that case, you may be interested in our free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Holly. (What do you have to lose, right?)

Either way, we’re all about providing value to help people achieve better health overall. Read on for some expert tips on how to cure back pain from Charlotte chiropractor and leader of Queen City Health Center, Dr. Holly Clemens.

Tip #1: Change your diet. You may be wondering what your diet has to do with back pain. How in the world can the foods you put into your stomach affect how your back feels? Believe it or not, most health issues start in the gut. The foods you eat can contribute to inflammation in the body, which often manifests as pain or chronic illness. Sugar is the #1 culprit when ti comes to inflammation, and reducing or even eliminating it from your diet, and detoxifying your body’s internal organs‚ÄĒeven for just 30 days‚ÄĒand reduce or eliminate the problem.

Tip #2: Exercise. Focus on core exercises that will help to build strength in your back and improve your posture. But take it slow and be careful! You don’t want to pull a muscle and experience even more pain the process.

Tip #3: Sit up straight. More and more people in our society are suffering from text-neck syndrome. As a Charlotte chiropractor, I see it all the time in patients who come into my office. If your back and neck are hurting, it could be from poor posture related to the use of smartphones and computers every day. If you sit at a desk for long periods during the week, read this post to learn how to sit the right way so you don’t injure yourself.

Tip #4: Get adjusted! We mentioned this already, but it’s worth repeating. Our Charlotte chiropractors can help you pinpoint the problem that’s causing your back pain and put together a targeted care plan to eliminate it through regular spinal manipulation and other lifestyle changes. Our holistic approach to chiropractic care is highly effective at treating a variety of conditions and helping you get off medications, feel better, and achieve an overall better quality of life.

Not convinced yet? That’s okay! (Baby steps, right?) Click here to request a free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Holly and find out if a Charlotte chiropractor is a good solution to your back pain.

Computer Posture Charlotte NC Chiropractor Queen City Health Center 4421 Sharon Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28211 (980) 422-2000

The Right Way to Sit at Your Computer

Did you know that how you sit can have a profound impact on your overall physical and mental health?¬†Many Americans have office jobs that require them to sit for long periods in front of a computer screen while they work. In addition, our habitual smartphone use subjects us to conditions such as “text-neck syndrome“, weakening our core muscles and shortening our posture over time.¬†As a Charlotte NC chiropractor,¬†I can tell you that this is affecting your overall health more than you know.

Poor posture puts pressure on your back vertebrae, weakening the nerve signals that your spinal cord sends to your body’s organs telling it how to function. What that means is, something as simple as sitting incorrectly can result in your body not functioning at optimal levels. Over time, this affects your body’s major systems, including the¬†nervous, digestive, endocrine and¬†musculoskeletal systems. When these systems are down, you don’t feel good. You experience symptoms such as¬†pain,¬†low energy,¬†acid reflux, headaches, irritable bowels, anxiety, depression, and more.

Here’s some advice from¬†Charlotte NC chiropractor, Dr. Holly Clemens: SIT UP STRAIGHT!

Did your mom used to tell you that when you were younger? Did it get on your nerves?

If you answered ‘yes,’ then good. Hopefully, it resulted in action. But now that you’re probably out of the house and living and working on your own, you may need some reinforcement. Which is why I’m writing this post to make sure you know the correct way to sit at your computer for maximum health.

While sitting in general isn’t really good for you, if you’re going to sit for long periods every day (as most of us do), implement these simple tweaks¬†to ensure your posture is as good as it can be.

Set your monitor at eye level.

This will ensure a neutral, comfortable posture since you own’t be looking up or down and putting pressure on your neck joints and nerves, which could hinder your health, especially if prolonged and repeated week after week.

Make sure your feet touch the floor.

This seems simple enough, but if you’re short and don’t have an ergonomic chair that adjusts properly, it could result in big problems. If your feet don’t naturally touch the floor, invest in a small step stool and place it under your desk to fix the issue.

Don’t cross your legs!¬†

This can quickly move your hips and spine out of alignment. Though we recommend getting adjusted by a Charlotte NC chiropractor¬†regularly anyway, it’s best to prevent problems before they start. I see a lot of patients whose hips¬†and shoulders¬†are uneven‚ÄĒthe result of years of leg-crossing. Crossing your legs will set you two steps back for every one-step forward you take on this progressive journey. If nothing else, this is one habit you definitely want to break.

Shoulders back, chest up.

Recite this to yourself throughout the day. In fact, write it on a post-it note and stick it on your computer monitor as a reminder to sit up straight.

Use ergonomic equipment.

As mentioned above, make sure your chair is easily adjustable and get a stool if necessary to keep your feet flat on the floor. Arm rests on your chair, as well as wrist rests (say that 5 times fast!) on your mouse pad and keyboard definitely won’t hurt. However, don’t feel the need to spend a ton of money on new equipment, as you can easily remedy a lot of problems with the above suggestions alone.

Stretch at regular intervals.

That’s right. Get out of your chair and get moving! No, you don’t have to break a sweat (unless you want to). But try to take a walk outside during your lunch break. Get out of your chair once every hour and stretch your limbs so they don’t get too stiff.

Stop by Queen City Health Center in Charlotte for your chiropractic adjustment!

If you find yourself in pain after a long day of sitting at your computer, come by our office to get adjusted. Our Charlotte NC chiropractor team recommends regular adjustments for all of our patients to reinforce these good habits and keep your spine properly aligned.

Questions? Visit this page and fill out the form to request a FREE 15-minute phone consultation, or give us a call at (980) 422-2000 to schedule your chiropractic adjustment in Charlotte.

Dr. Holly adjusting a patient Queen City Health Center 4421 Sharon Rd #100, Charlotte, NC 28211 (980) 422-2000

Thinking about chiropractic care this year? If you’re in the Charlotte area and have given any thought to seeing a local chiropractor, we’ve got 12 reasons why 2017 should be your year (one reason for each month.)

January: Because you actually want to keep your New Year’s Resolution. This is something most people will fail to do. They’ll sign up for a gym membership and start going, and within 2 weeks, they’ll stop. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there. You may be wondering how a chiropractor can help you stay on track! That’s a great question. And our answer is that not all chiropractors will hold you accountable for your health decisions, but Dr. Holly is the exception. In fact, our patients are currently participating in a 21-day cleanse that is sure to help them reach their weight loss goals before January even comes to an end. Don’t believe us? Request a free 15-minute phone consultation with Dr. Holly, and we’ll explain exactly how we’re helping people all over Charlotte achieve better health this year.

February: Because you want to look and feel great for your Valentine’s Day date! At Queen City Health Center, we don’t just crack your back. We offer holistic health services that will get you on track to feeling¬†and looking your best. Whether you want to lose weight, have more energy, improve your skin, or come off your medications, our chiropractic expertise is worth its weight in gold.

March: Because you want to be able to celebrate St. Patty’s Day with no guilt. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t enjoy throwing back a pint or two in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Especially if it’s green!¬†We’ll help you prevent a hangover, but if you happen to drink a little too much, stop by for an adjustment, and we’ll make your headache go away faster than the magic leprechaun can.

April: To “spring clean” your body. You’re already spring cleaning your house. Why not detox your body in the process?¬†Our Charlotte chiropractors will show you how to get the most out of the rainiest month of the year so you can actually stop and smell the flowers come May.

May: For mom. Mothers know best, and May happens to be her month. Give her the gift of better health. Schedule a consultation for the two of you at Queen City Health Center and watch your lives transform as you hold each other accountable through the journey.

June: For dad. Don’t leave him out of the mix. See the reason above and apply it to daddy too.

July: Because, ‘merica. We’ll adjust your spine and teach you how to make healthy treats for your July 4th celebration.

August: For the kids. They’re about to go back to school … it’s a great time to get their immune systems rockin and rolling before they get exposed to all those yucky germs. Yep. Seeing a Charlotte chiropractor is actually great for your immune system! In fact, many of our patients have chosen to replace their primary care physicians with Dr. Holly.

September: To prevent fall allergies. This applies to the spring season too, but fall allergies are something most people tend to overlook, perhaps because they don’t seem to be as common as they are when the pollen is plentiful. But they can be a big issue for a lot of people as the weather cools down. Did you know that chiropractic care is great for allergies? Book an appointment, and see for yourself!

October: To replace your flu shot. This is about the time when flu¬†season ramps up, and doctors start pushing that awful vaccine. Rather than shooting yourself up with formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, and other toxins, get your immune system in tip-top shape with some healthy lifestyle changes and regular adjustments. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when all those people who got the flu shot are complaining yet again about how it didn’t work.

November: To add another item to your “thankful” list. At Queen City Health Center, we are very thankful for our health, and we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that chiropractic care played a large role in that. Come see us, and when you’re sitting at Thanksgiving Dinner and everyone is reciting what they’re thankful for, you can add your health to the list.

December: Because you don’t want to end up like Santa! Yes, he’s a jolly, cheerful, old man, but let’s face it. The guy could stand to lose a few pounds, and the milk and cookies likely aren’t helping … If you want to learn how to change your life and still enjoy milk and cookies (healthier versions, of course), make an appointment to see our Charlotte chiropractors.

We’ve said this before, but it bears repeating: not all chiropractors are created equal. At Queen City Health Center, we pride ourselves on being personal. We don’t just get you in and out for a few routine adjustments. Our health care plans are patient-centered. We genuinely care about each and every person that we see at our office, and we want to help you look and feel your absolute best.¬†Our services are tailored to each patient and include a comprehensive mix of spinal adjustments, nutritional counseling, wellness and fitness education, detoxification, and one-on-one accountability.

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Queen City Health Center is a Charlotte Chiropractic and total wellness center for individuals and families. With locations across Charlotte, NC and Matthews, NC, we specialize in helping individuals and families find true health and ways to maximize their lives through nutrition, lifestyle classes, detoxification and spinal correction.

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