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3 Simple Ways to Improve Digestive Issues

Systems Working Together

Health concerns from inflammatory issues, celiac, or irritable bowel syndrome typically stem from IGA levels, which is a part of your digestive and immune system. Low levels of IGA can show signs of leaky gut and autoimmune diseases. Low levels allow large proteins to come into the lower digestive system instead of being broken down properly in the upper digestive system. Your digestive system’s condition is a large portion of your overall health. It makes up more than 80% of your immune system. Your overall health is not only internally, but also visibly effected by the condition of your digestive system. Taking care of your digestive system also resolves many other issues such as eczema or acne.

Prioritizing Your Gut

Doing the following steps whether you have digestive issues or not will detox your body. Always remember, it takes time to heal your gut. You can reset your entire digestive system in 120 days. Trying these steps for a few days and quitting will not show the true results of sticking to them for at least 2-3 months. What are you willing to change to transform the overall health of your life?

Three Ways to Improve Digestion

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Simply take 1-2 tablespoons of ACV in the morning and night. You can add this to 4-8oz. of water with a pinch of sea salt to give your body electrolytes. This will stabilize stomach acids so your food breaks down properly. ACV is also known for improving health issues such as acid reflux and high blood pressure.

2. Bone Broth

Bone broth is simple to make at home. Buy organic chicken or beef bones. Once you create the broth, you can drink this on a regular basis 2-3x daily. Bone broth increases your IGA levels and contains glutamine, also known as amino acids, to heal the digestive system. If you want a jumpstart into healing, you can fast 3-4 days with just consuming bone broth to reset your gut.

3. Colostrum

Taking colostrum increases your IGA levels as well. Finding a healthy source of this will enable your body to break down food better. This is also found in woman’s breast milk, creating a strong immune system within the child and creating more microbiome.

Additional Tips to Overcome Digestive Concerns

None of these tips will harm your body, it will only help. Even if there are further steps needed to be done, starting off with healing the gut from home simply will put your gut health in the right direction. There are always more ways to improve your gut health. Taking enzymes with each meal will support the digestion of food. Eliminating digestive system medications and replacing them with a non-inflammatory diet which eliminates foods such as pasta, rice, grains, and sugars. And lastly, chiropractic care help stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system and relax the digestive system. Adjustments help remove stress interfering with your ability to heal from the inside out.

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Clearing Out the Medicine Cabinet

One of the first things we do in response of feeling a common cold, cough, or headache is reach for the medicine cabinet. There is a medication prescribed to every symptom. Taking medications in general cause a chain reaction throughout your body causing additional health issues to the current one the medication markets to remove. The main issue with medication is that it creates an interference within your body. Rather than covering up the symptoms, true health dives deeper into the cause.

Exchanging the Word Sick

Rather than saying you are sick, it is important to say your body is expressing health. Typically, our body responds in a natural way and we go to a doctor to take a pill to kill that response. Our body is powerfully made to heal and restore itself. Rather than blocking the potential and efficiency our body has within it, we need to honor our symptoms and react in a positive way.

Five Ways to Fight Common Illnesses

1. Rest

Your body is naturally fatigued when you feel sick due to your immune system being used in over drive. Although it sounds simple, this is one of the most neglected ways to recover from symptoms.

2. Adjustments

Many studies show an increase in the immune system after the body being adjusted. Adjustments also relieve stress and create more resilience to fight off sickness.

3. Supplements

Taking a healthy and natural Vitamin D3 supplement help support the immune system. Sunlight also increases Vitamin D naturally. In addition to these, other great sources are elderberry, turmeric, and ginger.

4. Raw Garlic

Smash up garlic with local honey (or manuka honey) and sea salt to boost your immune system. Doing this several times a day is beneficial due to garlic being a great antiviral/antibacterial food.

5. Removing Antibiotics

Antibiotics kill off the good bacteria within your body. Although it removes symptoms in the short term, it kills your immune and digestive system in the long run. Colloidal silver spray, oregano in capsules, and coconut oil (3-4 tablespoon throughout the day) are more natural things to take in exchange.

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The Harmful Prescription

The amount of issues for woman’s health have sky rocketed whether it has to do with menstruation, PSCOS, cramping, and more. The scary factor to many of these symptoms is caused by a prescription of birth control. The prescription is being used toward those symptoms rather than to prevent pregnancy as it was originally intended for. Birth control not only masks these symptoms, but creates a lot more health effects when it comes to woman’s hormones. Birth control alone can affect not only the chances of getting pregnant in the future, but also increase the risk of having cervical and breast cancer. Birth control synthetically alters how the body is supposed to naturally function and creates an interference to your body adapting in a healthy way.

The Root of Imbalances

A menstrual issue means your body is dealing with a hormone imbalance. Addressing the root cause is the only way to eliminate these health symptoms. The increase of (chemical, physical, and emotional) stress in our society adds to the likeliness of a hormone imbalance. Some stressors are unavoidable, but there are many you have the ability to eliminate in from your daily life. Missing a menstrual cycle or not having them at all is extremely unhealthy to your body. Masking hormonal issues takes a negative toll on your overall health. Your cycle should last 5-7 days to produce the endometrium. This means your body has enough lining to reproduce, proper hormone balance, and overall health. The only way for your body to heal itself is to balance itself out with zero interference so it can become more resilient to stress.

4 Ways to Change Hormone Issues

1. Anti-Inflammatory Diet

There are many resources online or in books that elaborate on this type of diet, but eliminating foods such as pasta, bread, rice, and grains will allow your body to stabilize itself to remain in homeostasis, which ultimately is the only place your body can level its hormones out naturally.

2. Adaptogens

Unlike medications that mask symptoms, adaptogens support the body to be more resilient to stress and level the hormones within your body. Some amazing examples of these would be a high quality CBD oil or Ashwagandha.

3. Reduce Stress

Eliminating unnecessary stressors can be emotional, chemical, or physical. Emotional stressors can be dealt with by evaluating your mindset and surrounding yourself with a support system. Chemical stressors can be avoided when you are conscious of things such as makeup, laundry detergent, air fresheners, and more. Physical stress can be eliminated when you are educated on how a woman’s body operates under intense training or exercise.

4. Chiropractic Care

Adjustments help your body adapt to the environment around you. A response is sent to your parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to come into balance. When these are in balance, your endocrine system works healthily and your hormones produce properly.

Bonus Tip: Hormone Testing

Chiropractic care helps immensely with issues involving stress to the body, but also offers hormone testing.  Ask your chiropractor for more information about testing your levels to see exactly which hormones are imbalanced. Chiropractors are not trying to mask symptoms, they are the ones willing to do what it takes to find the root cause.

If you live in the Matthews/Charlotte area here in North Carolina, or would like a recommendation to other chiropractors in your area, contact us here. We would love to be in contact with you!

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